Lone Elder Nursery

The Lone Elder Story

Co-owner, Tom Utterback

To bring in the new millennium, Tom and Chris Utterback decided to follow a dream. They went in search of real soil, soil that could grow things. Both had an interest in horticulture and farming and Tom had a background in tractor repair and welding. They were lucky enough to discover an ideal property for sale in Canby, Oregon.

Located in the heart of the north Willamette Valley, Canby has the soil that makes it home to many of the finest nurseries in the country. The property they found was an overgrown nursery that contained a conifer lover’s collection of rare trees. Thus started the sweet addiction of conifer collecting and sharing.

Co-owner, Chris Utterback

Since 2000 the nursery has grown both in size and varieties, now boasting almost 200 different varieties of conifers and a good selection of beech.

In 2006 Lone Elder reorganized and purchased more acreage. A new manager was needed, a person with energy, enthusiasm, years of experience, and a family background in the nursery business. Luckily that person had been at Lone Elder since its first year. Angel Perez took over as nursery manager, responsible for all the fields and employees. His passion is conifers and he has become very good at identifying and finding new culitvars. An important part of his job is working with buyers and understanding their needs and suggesting not just the old favorite conifers but some new varieties that will work in their climate.

Lone Elder still grows many old favorites and can handle specimen up to 16 feet. Angel instituted regular root pruning and transplanting of larger specimens and is always on the hunt for the next hardy new variety.

Nursery Manager, Angel Perez

Tom, Chris and Angel would love to show you around the display garden and nursery. Please give us a call to set up an appointment. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Family owned and small in size -- Big in quality.

Tom and Chris Utterback