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  Genus Species Common Name Description
Abies alba "Pyramidalis" Pyramidalis European Silver Fir Rich, dark green needles cover this dense, slow growing conifer. Its shape is a narrow christmas tr... Details
Abies balsamea "Nana" Dwarf Balsam Fir This is an attractive, mounding form, dark green needles that are arranged circularly on short stems... Details
Abies concolor "Candicans" Candicans White Fir This tree has beautiful, long, thick, powdery blue needles on a narrow, conical tree. It is rated as... Details
Abies concolor "Compacta" Dwarf White Fir This plant adds texture and color to the garden. It is an irregular shaped, slow growing fir with lo... Details
Abies koreana "Silberlocke" Silberlocke Korean Fir A slow growing, compact, conical shaped tree with waxy, dark green needles that curl upward to revea... Details
Abies lasiocarpa arizonica "Compacta" Corkbark Fir
Rocky Mountain Fir
Alpine Fir
As the name implies, Compacta is a dense, semi-dwarf tree. It is more compact, but not as blue as th... Details
Abies lasiocarpa arizonica "Glauca Compacta" Blue Rocky Mountain Fir This is a very slow-growing, pyramidal shaped tree/shrub with dense branching and silver/blue needle... Details
Abies nordmanniana Nordman or Caucasian Fir Originating from mountainous climates, Nordman firs are slow growing with very dense branching. The... Details
Abies nordmanniana "Golden Spreader" Golden Spreader Caucasian fir A slow growing bit of sunshine in the garden. Golden Spreader looks like a little gold bun. It does... Details
Abies pinsapo "Aurea" Golden Spanish Fir This variety is striking with needles that are bright yellow on top and blue green on the bottom. T... Details
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